Facebook Now Using Your WhatsApp Data For Advertising

Back in 2014, Facebook acquired messaging service WhatsApp in a headline-grabbing $16 billion deal. WhatsApp, though, had been built around respecting users’ privacy, while Facebook is, well, the exact opposite of that. [More]


Facebook Testing Autoplay Video Ads That Have The Sound Turned On By Default

If you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed right now, you might see video ads that start to play, but silently, at least until/if you decide to turn the sound on. But according to a new report, Facebook confirms that it’s testing ads that will blast sound at full volume as soon as you encounter them. Because that’s a pleasant experience. [More]


Facebook Opens Up A Little About The Very Many (Many Many) Ways It Targets You

Facebook is, primarily, an advertising business. It doesn’t just want you to grudgingly put up with its ads, and it certainly doesn’t want you to block them. No, it wants you to love its ads, to embrace its ads, and to beg to be targeted to selectively. [More]


Facebook Polling Users To Find “Most Informative” Stories For News Feed

In its quest to show users exactly what they want to see, when they want to see it, Facebook is tweaking its news feed algorithm yet again, this time based on user polling. [More]


That Was Fast: Ad-Blocker Announces Block For Facebook’s Ad-Blocker Blocking

You use Facebook as a place to post and store photos, dumb memes, and articles about the political foofaraw du jour. Facebook uses Facebook as a way to gather direct profiles for billions of souls that can be advertised to, and as a way to make money selling those ads. There’s a natural tension there, when Facebook wants you to be the product and you would rather not. These days, that tension is evolving into something like an advertising cold war. [More]


Facebook Thinks You Love Ads So Much, It’ll Helpfully Block Your Ad-Blocker For You

Facebook — one of the world’s largest advertising companies — magnanimously acknowledges that in your life on the internet, you’ve probably encountered some bad ads. And you almost certainly have, because online advertising can be obtrusive, creepy, and irritating to say the least. But Facebook thinks that they are so far ahead of the pack that you will actually want to see their ads, and so they’re going to circumvent your ad-blocker for your own good. [More]

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You’ll Never Believe How Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Algorithm To Reduce Clickbait… Again

Ah, Facebook’s News Feed. It changes frequently in order keep you better updated on your friends’ lives, the news of the world, and other events. But one thing you’re likely see a bit less of soon: those cleverly written headlines just begging to be clicked. The social network announced Thursday that it would revamp its News Feed algorithm to reduce the number of clickbait headlines you see.  [More]

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Facebook Will Let Small Companies In Emerging Markets Sell Directly Through Their Pages

In an effort to expand into online commerce in regions outside of the U.S. and Canada — and get the ad dollars that go with it — Facebook will let small companies in emerging markets sell their products directly through their account pages for free. [More]


Facebook Might Owe The IRS As Much As $5 Billion In Back Taxes

You know what giant corporations really hate to do? Spend lots of their revenue on taxes. And you know what they have to do anyway? Exactly that. But the IRS is saying that Facebook may not have done enough of it, in past years, and may be on the hook for a big fat chunk of cash overdue to the U.S. government. [More]


If Your Kid Made Unapproved App Purchases Using Facebook, You Could Get A Refund

It’s so easy to buy apps and then buy even more stuff within those apps, even a kid can do it. Which is exactly why a court has ordered Facebook to refund parents whose children made unapproved app purchases while using the social media network. [More]

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Facebook To Pay For Live Videos From Internet Celebrities

YouTube stars and Instagram aficionados may soon pop-up on your Facebook feed in real-time: the social network is reportedly shelling out $2.2 million to dozens of internet personalities to create content for the recently launched Facebook Live.  [More]

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Pizza Hut Has Hired A Chatbot To Take Online Orders Via Twitter, Facebook Messenger

If I had a pizza for every time I had a conversation about pizza, no one would see me again because I’d be buried under a pile of pizzas. To capture the essence of that experience, sans pizza burial, Pizza Hut is launching a chatbot that will allow customers to order food in a “conversational” way. [More]


Facebook Testing Self-Destructing Messages With End-To-End Encryption

Facebook is joining the list of apps that allow users to send messages that only exist for a certain amount of time: after testing a self-destructing function late last year, the social media company has announced an official test of “Secret Conversations” in Messenger that also features end-to-end encryption. [More]

Facebook Would Like To Know If An Advertiser Scammed You

Facebook Would Like To Know If An Advertiser Scammed You

It’s one thing if an online ad is misleading or misrepresents the site that you click on, but what happens when you order an item that isn’t as promised? As overseas clothing companies that market solely through Facebook have proliferated, some customers blame Facebook, even though the site doesn’t vet the products and services of every advertiser. Now, at least, Facebook wants to listen if you’re scammed or misled by an ad on the site. [More]

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[UPDATE] Facebook Thinks You Should Get To Know The People Near You Better

Update: In a second statement to Fusion, Facebook retracted its original statement that location is one of the ways in which it suggests who you may wish to follow, and now says, “We’re not using location data, such as device location and location information you add to your profile, to suggest people you may know. We may show you people based on mutual friends, work and education information, networks you are part of, contacts you’ve imported and other factors.” [More]

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“Spam King” Gets 30 Months In Jail For Sending More Than 27M Unsolicited Facebook Messages

Though it may seem like spam messages are the stuff of giant networks of evilly cackling robots who are hell bent on beleaguering innocent people with offers for cheap erectile dysfunction medications, sometimes it’s just a human hacker. One of those humans now has more than two years of jail time to look forward to after sending more than 27 million spam messages through Facebook. [More]

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Facebook Now Has An Internal Panel Reviewing Research On You To See If It’s Ethical

Odds are very, very good that you’ve been part of a scientific research experiment in the past few years. Probably more than 70% likely if you’re on the internet at all, and approaching 100% if you’re under 30. Why? Because those are the percentages of Americans who use Facebook… which is constantly conducting some of the largest-scale behavioral research ever done. [More]


Facebook Pushing Users Toward “Moments” Photo-Sharing App By Deleting Synced Photos

If you’ve been syncing your phone’s photos to your Facebook account but don’t want to download the social media’s “Moments” picture app, prepare to back that stuff up soon. [More]