Facebook Launching Crisis Center To Put Safety Check, Fundraising In One Place

Facebook knows that when a natural disaster or other major crisis hits, many people turn to social media to connect with loved ones, ask for or offer help in their communities, and raise money for charitable causes. The company is now putting all of those tools in one place. [More]


Facebook, Census Bureau Disagree About U.S. Population

Big data isn’t an entirely new concept: We have an entire division of the U.S. government dedicated to quantifying our nation’s population, and the Census Bureau has been doing so in its current form since 1902. The scope, quantity, and granularity of the data has changed, though, and Facebook in particular specializes now in knowing pretty much everything about everyone. But someone is clearly wrong, because the two have population estimates that just don’t match. [More]


Is A Facebook ‘Friend’ The Same As A Real Friend, Legally Speaking?

Thanks to Facebook, the term “friend” has been stretched far beyond its traditional definition. Many Facebook users have “friends” they have never met in person, haven’t seen in years or decades, know very little about, and who you may actually find objectionable in spite of the “friend” designation. That’s why, according to one Florida appeals court, being someone’s Facebook friend is no indication of any genuine familiar or intimate connection to that person. [More]

Facebook Cracking Down On Video Clickbait In The Newsfeed

Facebook Cracking Down On Video Clickbait In The Newsfeed

If you’ve ever clicked on what looks like an interesting video promising “17 Ways You’re Eating Cheese Wrong,” only to find yourself on a spammy website that has nothing to do with cheese, you know how frustrating such clickbait can be. Facebook is now introducing new updates aimed at keeping those deceptive posts out of your news feed. [More]

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Facebook Now Helps Advertisers Target People Who Visited Their Real-World Stores

Most of us are no longer surprised to see that our online ads are sometimes directly related to websites we’ve recently visited. An even more invasive practice would be for you to go online and be bombarded with ads for a bricks-and-mortar store you just shopped at. Nevertheless, Facebook is now letting online advertisers target users based on their offline movements. [More]


Facebook Finally Launching Long-Rumored “Facebook Watch” TV-Like Feature

“TV” doesn’t mean what it used to. We’re as likely to watch a premium drama from Netflix or Amazon as from any traditional broadcast or cable channel, and we can watch it on a laptop, phone, or tablet as easily as we can watch it from the big screen in our living rooms. And so it’s unsurprising that Facebook — the all-encompassing worldwide digital platform that once was merely a social network — is finally ready to launch its own programming channel, Facebook Watch. [More]

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Facebook Cracking Down On Scammy Ads Disguised As Legit Businesses

Fraudsters have no shortage of tricks and sleights of hand to make themselves look like a legit business venture. In an effort to root out these scammers, Facebook is rolling out new tools designed to detect when companies disguise their ads as innocent or benign for moderators, but real users see spam.  [More]


Facebook Changing Its News Feed Again, Here’s What To Expect

Facebook is continually updating its Newsfeed algorithm and what users see, from testing auto-play ads to reducing clickbait. Now, the social media behemoth is at it again, this time giving pages that load faster higher priority in your feed and offering fact-checked articles when false news articles are posted.  [More]

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5 Questions To Ask Before Using A Peer-To-Peer Mobile Payment App

It’s never been easier to split the bill with your friends — from “Venmo-ing” $20 for a birthday gift or Facebook messaging $12 for your share of last night’s pizza. But brand new peer-to-peer (P2P) payment systems backed by big players, including established banks, are hitting app stores this year. Apple plans to debut its own P2P app this fall, while the big banks are banding together for a product called Zelle. With so many competing services, how will you decide which system (if any) to use? [More]

Judge Rules That Politician Violated First Amendment By Banning Critical Commenter

Judge Rules That Politician Violated First Amendment By Banning Critical Commenter

With politicians — most notably our current President — using social media to communicate directly to the world, the question is now being asked whether a lawmaker is violating the First Amendment when they actively block people from following them online. One federal court has chimed in, finding that a politician in Virginia crossed the line when she temporarily banned a constituent from commenting on her Facebook page. [More]

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Today In Streaming TV: PlayStation Vue Comes To Cable, Facebook TV Coming Soon, DirecTV Now Grows

It hasn’t been that long since the idea of being able to get all of your TV through the internet was still some far-off future. But by now, we get streaming TV news from the oldest of old-school companies, AT&T, and the new giants, like Facebook, all at once. So here’s what’s shaking in the world of streaming TV this week. [More]

Facebook Patents Tech To Watch You Though Phone And Computer Cameras, Respond To Your Reactions

Facebook Patents Tech To Watch You Though Phone And Computer Cameras, Respond To Your Reactions

Just because a company patents a piece of technology, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily use it in the wild. Still, it’s kind of freaking people out that Facebook patented technology that would watch you through your phone or computer’s front-facing camera, and see how you react to content. [More]


Facebook Feels Left Out, Working On Its Own Smart Speaker For 2018

When all of the other internet mega-corporations have their own smart speakers and home hubs, it’s understandable that Facebook would feel left out. It just wants to be like the cool kids: Amazon and Google have their products on the market and even Apple and Alibaba have plans to launch their own. Facebook is reportedly catching up. [More]

Here’s Everything We’ve Heard About Facebook’s New Cheaper Oculus VR Device

Here’s Everything We’ve Heard About Facebook’s New Cheaper Oculus VR Device

Nine months after rumors first started flying that Facebook was working on a virtual reality product that’s cheaper than the Oculus Rift new reports say the company is preparing to unleash the standalone device next year. [More]


How Facebook Secretly Decides What Counts As Hate Speech

Facebook, like many social media platforms, wants to be a supporter of free expression without being seen as actively encouraging hate speech, threats, or harassment. Internally, Facebook has guidelines on what crosses that threshold, but a new investigation finds that these rules do not always make sense, nor do they tend to protect those who are most likely to be targeted. [More]


Facebook Crosses 2 Billion User Mark, Now Used By 27% Of Entire World

It’s not literally everyone, but it sure feels like it some days: Facebook has announced that as of today, it officially boasts more than 2 billion (yes, with a b) active users per month… a number that only keeps going up. [More]

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Facebook Is Ready For Its Close-Up, Wants To Get Into Scripted TV Shows

Not content to let Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu corner the market on original streaming TV shows, Facebook is reportedly trying to carve out a spot for itself in the entertainment business with its own scripted programming. [More]


3 Things You Should Know About Crowdfunding Medical Bills

With the Affordable Care Act in limbo, and the details of the Republican repeal-and-replace plans still not fully known, a growing number of Americans are turning to crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe or YouCaring to raise money to cover their medical bills. [More]