Neff Conner

Are Shorter Work Days Better For Your Health & Productivity?

There are 120 hours in a 5-day workweek, and for most working Americans at least a third of that time is spent earning a living. Sure, you’ve got 16-ish hours away from the job each day, but is that enough time to enjoy all your personal, family, community, and social commitments without becoming a harried, frazzled unproductive mess? An ongoing study out of Sweden seems to indicate that a shorter work day may actually result in more productivity.

Amazon will begin testing a new delivery method that allows couriers to place packages to the trunk of customers' cars.

Amazon & DHL Testing Delivery To Customers’ Car Trunks

It’s not uncommon for consumers to shuttle around packages and shopping bags in the trunks of their cars. While most people put those items there themselves, Amazon wants to take that task off the hands of a very exclusive group of Prime members. [More]

Wal-Mart Spring Break! WOOOOO!

Wal-Mart Spring Break! WOOOOO!

(D’oh! Brownlee is an idiot. This is one of our few duplicate stories, the unfortunate consequence of having two writers working thousands of miles away from one another. But we’re going to leave it up as it gives us another ace-in-the-hole for when Brownlee greedily starts slobbering for an undeserved raise.