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Strippers Say Law Barring Under-21 Dancers Violates First, Fourteenth Amendments

A group of exotic dancers in Louisiana say a new state law barring women under the age of 21 from stripping is a violation of their constitutional rights. [More]


Kansas Supreme Court: Strippers Can Collect Unemployment After They Leave The Pole

You had a job, and now you don’t. Like many people would do, a dancer at a strip club in Topeka filed an unemployment claim back in 2005 after she no longer worked there. But should the club be on the line to pay her unemployment insurance, or is she on her own as an “independent contractor” working for tips? [More]

Strippers Fight Financial Exploitation With Lawsuit

Strippers Fight Financial Exploitation With Lawsuit

Massachusetts strippers have filed lawsuits against the clubs that employ them, claiming exploitation…of the financial kind. As the economy worsened, clubs tried to take a larger cut of dancers’ falling tip incomes.