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3 Reasons Why ESPN 3D Is Going Off The Air

In what will come as sad news to about 26 of you out there, ESPN has decided to close up shop on its comin’-at-ya! sports channel ESPN 3D, citing low viewer demand. [More]


By The Numbers: Why 3D TV Still Has A Long Way To Go

For the last few years, TV manufacturers have been pushing 3D technology to consumers as a great new way to view television, but broadcasters have been slow to provide enough content to make the switch worthwhile. Here’s a look at some of the numbers that highlight the problems. [More]

AT&T U-Verse Drops ESPN 3D

AT&T U-Verse Drops ESPN 3D

Citing low demand and a high cost, AT&T U-Verse has ditched ESPN 3D from its lineup. The move is yet another sign that 3D TV may not be the wave of the near future, as the expensive technology struggles to make headway in the marketplace. [More]