Not many people know about The Work Number, but its database covers employees at 90% of federal agencies.

Is Equifax Actually Selling Your Salary Info?

Equifax also operates an employment verification database that contains sensitive employment information for more than 1/3 of all employed Americans. Aside from being a huge pinata just waiting for a hacker’s swing, it’s unclear exactly what info is being sold to third parties. [More]


Who Is Responsible When Your Credit Report Flags You As A Possible Terrorist?

We’ve told you before about consumers who ended up being denied for loans and facing public embarrassment because their credit report included a note that the person might be a terrorist or an international drug trafficker. But no one seems to want to take the blame for when this kind of mistake happens. [More]

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Chase Damages Woman’s Credit Report With $16,159 Error, Doesn’t Really Care

Imagine waking up one day and finding out that you can’t get a credit card because someone at the bank screwed up and told the credit reporting agencies that you owed more than $16,000 to Chase. You’d think that this could be easily resolved — but apparently not without getting the local news involved. [More]


CFPB: Credit-Reporting Firms Often Ignore Consumers’ Evidence In Report Disputes

If you’re included in the one in five consumers who obtain an annual credit report, perhaps you’ve noticed an error in your report and have tried to get that fixed. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that could be an exercise in futility, as the three major credit-reporting firms might not be paying attention to any information you submit to make your case. [More]

CFPB Gives You Place To File Complaints About Credit Bureaus

CFPB Gives You Place To File Complaints About Credit Bureaus

Credit reporting agencies like TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, provide reports and credit scores that effectively tell lenders what sort of human being you are. The amount of authority they have in a consumer’s life is astounding, especially when you consider the lack of oversight they’ve enjoyed. At least now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking over their shoulder, and giving consumers a way to file complaints. [More]

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Equifax Caught Improperly Selling Lists Of People With Late Mortgage Payments

When you’re in financial trouble, one of your concerns is that your creditors will report you to the three major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. But maybe you should be concerned that the bureaus are selling your sensitive information. [More]

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One-In-Five Consumers Seeing Significantly Different Credit Scores Than Creditors

Much is made about how much impact your credit scores has on your ability to get a loan, live a happy life and be a good human being. But a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claims that one-in-five consumers are seeing scores that are significantly different from what lenders see. [More]