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Owner Of Zales, Jared, And Kay Jewelers Settles Charges It Discriminated Against Female Workers

While a class-action arbitration case involving hundreds of female workers against Sterling Jewelers is slated to go to trial this fall, the company has settled federal civil charges accusing it of sexual bias against female employees. [More]

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Lawsuit Claims Jewel-Osco Discriminates Against Older Employees

Age is just a number, unless that number is used by an employer to discriminate against you, which is why four current and former employees of Jewel-Osco are suing the supermarket chain. [More]

Target Must Pay $2.8M To Settle Claims Of Unfair Hiring Practices

Target Must Pay $2.8M To Settle Claims Of Unfair Hiring Practices

Target Corp. must pay $2.8 million to settle allegations that thousands of people lost out on a chance to be employed by the company because of certain discriminatory pre-employment assessments. [More]

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EEOC Lawsuit Accuses Papa John’s Pizza Of Firing Worker With Down Syndrome

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says it’s filed a lawsuit against Papa John’s Pizza, accusing the company of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act after firing a worker in Utah with Down syndrome. [More]

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DSW Will Pay $900,000 Former Workers To Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Shoe retailer DSW is on the line for $900,000 after agreeing to settle an age discrimination lawsuit brought by former employees, who said the company fired older workers just because of their ages. And if other employees refused to fire workers based on their age, the plaintiffs claimed DWS retaliated against them as well. [More]

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EEOC Updates Rules Protecting Pregnant Workers For First Time In 30 Years

It’s been three decades since the last time the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission adjusted its rules protecting women in the workplace who are pregnant, might get pregnant in the future or have ever been pregnant in the past. This week the EEOC released updated rules against pregnancy discrimination, saying it’s against the law. [More]


Turkey Plant Ordered To Pay Mentally Disabled Workers $240M After Years Of Awful Conditions

An Iowa jury recently handed down what could be the largest verdict in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s history, including a judge’s order that a turkey plant must pay 32 mentally disabled men $240 million. The jury found that Henry’s Turkey Service had violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in paying the workers $0.41 an hour while reportedly making them live in awful conditions and subjecting them to physical abuse and neglect. [More]

680 lb Man Fired For Being Obese

680 lb Man Fired For Being Obese

Ronald at one point weighed 680 lbs, a fact that never interfered with his ability to do his job. He received high marks in his performance reviews. Despite this, he was fired for his weight. [More]