IKEA expanded a recall of crib mattresses to include the SULTANA brand.

IKEA Expands Crib Mattress Recall To Include Five Additional Styles

All recalls are important to take note of, but ones related to baby products are often of the greatest concern. And IKEA’s expansion of a six-month old recall to include an additional 150,000 crib mattresses because of the risk of entrapment would fall into that category. [More]

IKEA issued the recall of some 169,000 mattresses that could pose a danger to sleeping children.

IKEA Recalls 169,000 Crib Mattresses After Reports Infants Became Trapped Between Mattress And Crib

When parents put their child to bed they likely have a reasonable expectation that their kiddo will sleep comfortably and safely. Hundreds of thousands of customers who own certain IKEA crib mattresses might not sleep so soundly, however, after the company issued a recall following reports that the product poses a hazard to infants. [More]

Your Baby's Crib Probably Fails Tough New Safety Rules

Your Baby's Crib Probably Fails Tough New Safety Rules

Does your crib pass the new strict safety rules that went into effect Tuesday? Most likely not. “Newly required safety tests are so stringent that few cribs in American homes — even those that have escaped recall after recall — are sturdy enough to pass them,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “As a result, federal regulators recommend that families that can afford to do so buy new cribs and destroy their old ones.” Here’s what you need to know. [More]