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Walmart Employees Want A Discount On More Grocery Items

After a successful effort to raise wages for many workers, Walmart staffers are focusing on a new goal: they want employee discount on more grocery items, as well as the 10% discount they already receive on all other merchandise. [More]


How A Sprint Kiosk Worker Got Me In Trouble With The Discount Police

R. decided to be scrupulously honest. He had a 15% discount on his Sprint bill because of his employer. When he switched jobs and moved to a different state, he kept his Sprint plan but dutifully reported that he wasn’t eligible for the discount anymore. Unfortunately, he reported this to a Sprint kiosk worker, who failed to actually remove the discount. Moral of the story: no matter who helps you, make sure the changes went through. [More]


The Good, The Bad & The Complicated Of Employee Discounts

Between the hours, the pay and the occasional scowling customer, working retail isn’t always the fun times it’s made out to be in film comedy. But at least there’s the employee discount, right? [More]


Sprint Won’t Grant Employee Discount, New Customer Threatens Unholy Twitter War

Earlier today, we shared the story of a new Sprint customer who signed up because he was offered a 25% employee discount for a company he doesn’t actually work for. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter whether you work for the company or not: Sprint will still resist giving you the employee discount you were promised. That’s what Gerry learned. He works for the cable channel G4, part of NBC-Universal-Comcast-Kabletown, and is entitled to a 25% discount from Sprint. In theory. In practice, there doesn’t seem to be enough proof in the world for Sprint to believe that Gerry actually works where he says he does. Pay stub? No. Badge? No. E-mail address? No. Not enough. [More]

Best Buy Employees: We Want Our Awesome Discount Back

Best Buy Employees: We Want Our Awesome Discount Back

One of the top most awesome reasons to work in retail is for the sweet, sweet employee discounts. But we’re hearing rumblings from some of our friends inside Best Buy that changes to the employee discount are making them sad. Blue, even. [More]

Check For Verizon Employee Discounts

Check For Verizon Employee Discounts