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Apple Investigating Death Of Woman Who Died Answering iPhone 5 While It Was Charging

An unfortunate reality of electronic devices is that once in a while, those consumer contraptions can malfunction in the worst of ways. It’s not clear yet exactly what went wrong in the case of a Chinese woman who was electrocuted and died while answering a call on her Iphone 5 while it was charging, but Apple says it’s looking into the matter. [More]


When a power line falls in your neighborhood, be patient. Wait for the proper authorities to take care of it. Above all, don’t try to clear it out of the way using an industrial saw. A man in Pond Eddy, NY did that against the advice of firefighters, and was electrocuted. [Newsday] (Thanks, AJ!)

Recall Roundup – Strollers, Hair Dryers, And Zombie Coffee Grinders

Hazardous hair dryers, unstoppable strollers, zombie coffee grinders, and breakable cribs are this week’s stars of the Recall Roundup. Watch out!

Apple Recalls Faulty iPhone 3G Power Adapters

Apple Recalls Faulty iPhone 3G Power Adapters

Remember that game where your parents would tell you not to stick your fingers in electrical outlets and then you would and you’d get shocked? Well it’s now a real-life app for iPhone 3G owners! Here’s how to play: plug your iPhone 3G’s ultra-compact USB power adapter into the wall. If the prongs break off and get stuck in the outlet creating a risk of electrocution, you win! Or lose. Probably the latter, which is why Apple recalled the devices on Friday.