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Mike Matney

Amazon Sued Over Allegedly Defective Eclipse Glasses

Before the nationwide solar eclipse earlier this month, experts, including some at NASA, warned that solar eclipse glasses on the market may not meet normal standards for eye protection that one should normally wear when staring at the sun. The decentralized nature of Amazon’s marketplace meant that the site was a popular source for potentially insufficient eclipse glasses, and now people who bought them have filed a class action lawsuit against Amazon. [More]

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. Warns Customers Not To Use Eclipse Glasses Given Away At Stores, Offers Free Coffee Instead

If you picked up a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses while grabbing your morning cup of joe from a Dutch Bros. Coffee this weekend, you don’t want to actually wear them during today’s eclipse event: The coffee chain is recalling the glasses over concerns they might not be safe.  [More]

Here’s A Giant List Of Solar Eclipse Promotions

Here’s A Giant List Of Solar Eclipse Promotions

On Monday, Aug. 21, people from Oregon to South Carolina will get to experience a rare total solar eclipse, with folks outside this path still experiencing a partial eclipse. And because every notable event must be accompanied by a marketing bonanza, there is no shortage of companies offering everything from eclipse-themed appliance sales to one-day-only donuts. [More]

NASA/Bill Ingalls

Please Do Not Buy Counterfeit Solar Eclipse Glasses

There’s a total solar eclipse coming across much of the country on Aug. 21, which will be amazing to watch. However, use caution, and make sure not to risk your eyesight to see it. Not only should you wear special eclipse-viewing glasses when you look at the sun, but you should make sure that those glasses aren’t counterfeit. [More]