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California Becomes The First State To Give The Okay To Ride-Sharing Regulations

California has become the first state in the nation to give an official thumbs up to ride-sharing companies, via a decision to let those businesses continue to put passengers in drivers’ cars if the companies comply with a set of regulations. This is not welcome news in the traditional taxi industry, which has been fighting the upward momentum of companies like Uber Technologies and Lyft. [More]


NYC Judge Gives Green Light To Taxi Riders Using Apps To Hail Cabs

Times used to be, the person who could stick a couple fingers in her mouth and whistle down a yellow cab on the streets of New York City was envied by the silent, cabless masses. But now that a judge has smacked down a lawsuit against a new “e-hail” program in the city, anyone with a smartphone will be able to hail a cab with nary a sound. [More]