This whale is safe because he's a cartoon.(a lonewolf)

Company Realizes Selling Dog Treats Made Of Endangered Whales Maybe Isn’t Such A Great Idea

Over in Japan, dog owners apparently absolutely love their dogs and many have no qualms about spoiling the ever loving crap out of them with fancy food. But when environmentalists found out a Japanese pet food company was using meat from endangered North Atlantic fin whales in dog treats, the you-know-what hit the fan and has prompted the company to pull the controversial snacks from the market. [More]


Perhaps You Need A Monotasking Dog Treat Maker

Our archive is still down, but in the past we’ve shared with you George Foreman grill-like countertop appliances with very specific purposes. These include mini pie makers, donut makers, and cupcake makers. Now Sunbeam Pets is about to expand the monotasking across species with a new machine designed to make homemade dog treats right on the countertop. [More]

Illness In Dogs Traced To Chinese Chicken Jerky

Illness In Dogs Traced To Chinese Chicken Jerky

The first thing that I do when looking at a bag of pet treats is turn it over and look for the country of origin. I’m not alone–and not paranoid, as it turns out. A few weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration reminded American pet owners about unexplained and sometimes fatal illnesses related to chicken jerky treats imported from China. The FDA and its counterparts around the world have been warning consumers to be alert about jerky-related illnesses since 2007. [More]