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Man Sets Porch Pirate Trap With Giant Box Of Dog Poop

Man Sets Porch Pirate Trap With Giant Box Of Dog Poop

Packages left unattended on porches and stoops are low-hanging fruit for thieves who comb neighborhoods looking for something to steal. You can keep parcels safe by setting up a locked drop-box, having packages delivered to a safer address, asking for items to be held for pickup — or you can teach them a lesson with the help of a box full of dog turds. [More]


Feds Warn That Claims Of Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags May Be Full Of… You Know

While some dog owners stick to tried-and-true methods of picking up their canine pals’ waste with the aid of plastic shopping bags, that’s a lot of plastic going into landfills. This is why there are several companies selling poo-collection bags labeled “biodegradable” or “compostable.” But the Federal Trade Commission is warning a number of the companies that make and market these products that they may be running afoul of laws against deceptive advertising. [More]

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Volunteers In Spanish Town Reunite Dog Owners With Poos Left Unscooped

“Hey there, friend. What kind of dog is that you have, the one that just left a poo on the ground that you’re refusing to scoop up? Very interesting — and what’s his pedigree? Nice. Since you aren’t picking it up, I’ll just report your details to the town officials who will find your address so I can mail the poo right back to you. It’ll be like it was never even gone.” That’s the plan of action in one town across the pond, and it’s proving helpful. [More]