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Finnair Would Like To Fly You To HEL On Flight 666 Today, Friday The 13th

The next time someone tells you to just go to hell, be like, “Okay, I will… to HELsinki, that is!” It’ll be hilarious and it’s actually a real possibility: Finnair Flight 666 is heading to HEL (sic, sort of?) today, just like it does every day in a blatant flaunting of nonchalance regarding any demonic curses lurking out there. And also it’s Friday the 13th. [More]

Allegiant: Let's Let Travelers Gamble On Airfare

Allegiant: Let's Let Travelers Gamble On Airfare

Allegiant Air has come up with an idea for a new kind of airfare whose final price would rise or fall with the price of jet fuel. Passengers could choose between a traditional ticket, or one that has a discounted up-front cost, but whose final price is variable. If gas is cheaper the day you fly, you pay less. If higher, you pay more. It sounds a little crazy, until you realize where Allegiant is based out of: Las Vegas! [More]