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Job Listings, Tax Collection Give Away Amazon Plans For Stores In Boston, Washington D.C.

After starting in Seattle and San Diego, slowly coming to the parts of the country that face the Pacific, Amazon seems ready to head east. Recent developments in Beantown and our nation’s capital indicate that the massive online retailer seems ready to build new brick-and-mortar stores on the more Atlantic side of things. [More]


TSA Agent To Reporter: What Is This “District Of Columbia” You Speak Of?

In a far off land called the District of Columbia, there lives an entire population of people who are considered Americans and as such, have the proper identification noting that fact. But one Transportation Security Administration agent in Orlando may need a brush-up on the makeup of these United States, after reportedly not realizing that a reporter’s Washington D.C. license is a valid form of ID. [More]

Comcast Ceases Throttling Traffic After Negative AP Story?

Last week, Comcast got positively busted by the AP for disrupting users who use a popular file-sharing method called BitTorrent. Now Reader Brandon in the DC area says:

I’ve found that Comcast isn’t throttling traffic now that they’ve been exposed. I’d been throttled for the few days prior to the story, then two days after bam, I was downloading. I downloaded 2 gigs of music.

Comcast is probably just going into hiding so other outlets can’t issue confirmation reports of the AP story, then after the news forgets about it, they’ll go right back to it. But not the internet. The internet never forgets. Especially when you’re trying to stop the internet from internetting.