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Ben Schumin

Walmart Employee Arrested For Attempts At Killing Coworkers, Setting Store On Fire

Authorities don’t know exactly what led a 24-year-old Walmart employee of an Arizona Walmart store to turn on her coworkers, but say that she had a series of potentially deadly plans for them that fell through. What began as a dispute inside the store could have turned tragic when she returned with a rifle, ammunition, a knife, and a torch. [More]

This Is How You Should Quit Your Job At Taco Bell

This Is How You Should Quit Your Job At Taco Bell

The sign, a glorious product of put-upon employee rage, began tearing up the Internet this morning. Apparently, a Taco Bell employee near Buffalo, NY went out in style, changing the sign out front to say, “I QUIT – ADAM / F*** YOU :)” A local television station reports that the now-former employee reached his limit after working twenty-two days straight and being denied a day off for Independence Day. (Yes, NSFW language inside.) [More]