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Supervalu Selling Off Save-A-Lot Supermarket Chain For $1.4B

Supermarket operator Supervalu will have one fewer chain in its portfolio soon, after announcing that it’s selling off discount grocer Save-A-Lot to a Canadian investment group for $1.37 billion. [More]

Aldi Will Accept Credit Cards Nationwide Starting Today

Aldi Will Accept Credit Cards Nationwide Starting Today

There are many things missing from Aldi that American shoppers expect to find in grocery stores. They don’t have free plastic bags, for example, or candy at the checkout, or items containing added MSG or hydrogenated oils. Another familiar missing item was credit cards: cash, debit cards, SNAP, and EBT cards were accepted, but not credit cards with their higher fees. As of today, though, that changes nationwide. [More]

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Aldi Will Expand Discount Grocery Empire To Southern California

Since the majority of Consumerist readers really love Aldi, we thought that it might be good to let readers know that the chain will expand into California next year. Specifically, they’re opening 25 stores in Southern California, and experts predict great things for the chain there. Aldi typically thrives in areas with a high cost of living, which that area certainly has. Currently, the chain has 1,400 stores in 32 states. [LA Times] [More]

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If You Dropped Your Cocaine At This Super Dollar, You’re Not Getting It Back

Usually, if you drop something while shopping and another shopper doesn’t walk off with it, it ends up in the store’s lost and found. That is not the case for an item that someone dropped at a Super Dollar discount grocery store in Virginia, a bag of cocaine. Local cops have put a call out in case the owner wants to reveal himself or herself and…definitely not get their coke back. [More]

Bottom Dollar Food To Close Stores, Sell Chain To Aldi

Bottom Dollar Food To Close Stores, Sell Chain To Aldi

A fantastic, descriptive name wasn’t enough to save Bottom Dollar Food, a discount grocery chain with stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The company announced that it will close all of its stores on January 15th. However, fans of discount food may not need to despair: there’s a deal in progress to sell all of the locations and store leases to a competing discount grocery chain, Aldi. [More]