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Groupon’s Post About Banana Case Turned Into A Festival Of Dignified Lewd Jokes

Let’s be honest: the Banana Bunker, an adjustable plastic tube meant to protect your banana from bruising or other damage when you carry it as a snack, is a hilarious piece of snack equipment that looks like a space-age sex toy. It just does. That’s why we have to commend Groupon’s Facebook team for not only making sure to highlight the Bunker’s availability, but responding to all jokes that potential customers and Facebook jokesters made. [More]

Would You Like Some Penis Jokes With Your Pizza?

Would You Like Some Penis Jokes With Your Pizza?

When a restaurant introduces a new special, they want the name to be memorable. Brothers Pizza in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio have done a masterful job with one coupon that they call their “oddest and most popular offer.” That’s the “12 boners and 4-skins” deal, where customers get a dozen chicken wings and four potato skins for $10.99. What did you think it was referring to? [More]