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Poll: Most People With Digital Wallets Don’t Bother To Use Them

Many of our readers have smartphones, and you could be reading this post on a smartphone right now. While they make fine Consumerist-reading devices, we keep hearing that smartphones will become out method of choice to make in-person payments, and we won’t have to carry physical wallets around. However, while Google and Apple would love for everyone to use their respective digital wallet products, consumers simply aren’t interested yet. [More]


MasterCard’s New MasterPass Seeks To Cut Out That Annoying “Waiting To Checkout” Thing

Who needs a physical wallet anymore? Those old things made of leather or duct tape or whatever? Eww. MasterCard is banking on the popularity of other digital wallet systems with the introduction of its new offering, the MasterPass. It doesn’t shut with velcro and you don’t need one of those chain things to keep it in your pocket.  [More]

Visa Launching PayPal-Like Service Next Year

Visa Launching PayPal-Like Service Next Year

Visa will roll out its online payment service early next year. The company, which announced plans for the service in March, has also launched a developer program to help merchants incorporate its payment systems into their web sites and other products. [More]