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Woman Breaks Window To Free Toddler Locked In Hot Car

Whenever the temperature rises, we unfortunately hear stories of children who are left behind in hot cars, whether intentionally or sometimes accidentally, when adults forget they’re there. One passerby wasn’t about to let a toddler stay locked inside a hot car in Kansas, however, grabbing whatever she could find to bust the window open and free the child. [More]

City Seizes Decaying Bank-Owned House, Gets It Fixed Up

City Seizes Decaying Bank-Owned House, Gets It Fixed Up

The city of Haverhill, Massachusetts has had it with abandoned, vacant buildings, especially those that are now bank-owned due to foreclosure. One three-unit apartment building had vagrants occupying the space, using the floors as a bathroom and turning the building into a biohazard. Having such a “disgusting” building on a main road made no one in the city happy, and the city found a private company to act as a receiver and renovate the building. [More]