Renee Rendler-Kaplan

How To Not Get Burned By Limes While Making Margaritas In The Sun

Ah, summer: The time of year when everyone is outside hanging out, cooking, and swilling many cold beverages to beat the heat. But making many of those drinks — margaritas, beer, or even ice water — in the sun could have a painful result: “Lime” disease. [More]

Cost Of Prescription Skin Gel Goes From $226 To $9,561 In Under Two Years

Cost Of Prescription Skin Gel Goes From $226 To $9,561 In Under Two Years

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: there’s a drug out there that does a very specific thing, and has no generic alternative. For years, it sold for a predictable three-figure price point. Then one day, if gets acquired by a new company and in just a few months, the price increases by more than 4000%. It is, unfortunately, such a common tale of late that we all know the general outline by heart. And now it seems to be happening again. [More]

Mike Mozart

Walgreens Now Offering Virtual Dermatology Consultations

If you’ve ever noticed a new mole, freckle, spot, or bump on your skin, but didn’t want to see a dermatologist, you’ve probably shown it to a friend who offered their non-expert advice. Maybe you’ve even posted a photo online asking people “What is this thing on my arm?” Now Walgreens is hoping you’ll be willing to let a dermatologist have a look, without having to drive to the doctor’s office. [More]