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Devotees Of Deep-Fried Food Could Be Facing Price Hikes For Their Favorite Fare

Take a look at that fried chicken sandwich/French fry/potato chip you’re about to eat. It could soon cost you more money to reach deep-fried satisfaction, as the crops necessary to make the vegetable oil used by many companies to fry your favorite foods to a golden crisp are struggling in Canada. [More]


Today’s Amazing And Revolting Foods: Ravioli Pizza And Deep Fried Doritos Locos Taco

One thing that we love here at Consumerist is bringing you the latest in disgusting/amazing food news, and we include fast food in that statement. Two new and exciting food products caught our attention today, one served in a restaurant and the other is a do-it-yourself project from an adventurous blogger. Both will make your arteries clench when you read about them, so that’s good. These items are the ravioli-topped pizza and the deep-fried beer-and-bacon-battered Doritos Loco Taco. [More]