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Comfort Inn Boots Wedding Guests From Overbooked Hotel, Doesn’t Seem To Care

When you book a block of eight rooms at a hotel, 18 months in advance no less, you’d expect to have a little leverage when the place suddenly realizes it’s been overbooked. At the very least, you’d expect a little bit of respect. But a woman in New Jersey says the folks at Comfort Inn were not terribly comforting when they told guests who had reserved rooms for a nearby wedding that they would have to stay elsewhere. [More]


A Days Inn in Cleveland, Ohio, has bedbugs, a mother of four found out when the Red Cross put her family there for the night after her house burned down. Yes, it’s another bedbugs-in-hotels story, but this time there are pictures! []

Days Inn Upsell Bot Has Feeling Too

Days Inn Upsell Bot Has Feeling Too

Samuel was making an online reservation with Days Inn when he suddenly found himself face to face with a robot…