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Watch What You Whisper: Your Secrets Might Not Be So Safe With Siri

When you ask Siri late on a Friday night how to craft the perfect booty text, it’s not like the iPhone’s digital assistant is going to run off and tell your friends. But oh, she remembers what you tell her. As for how long she holds onto that info, well, it’s unclear. And that uncertainty over Apple’s data retention police is giving privacy advocates a severe case of the frownfaces. [More]

A Closer Look At Comcast's Privacy Policy

A Closer Look At Comcast's Privacy Policy

The privacy policy starts off with the fine sentiment that: “Comcast is committed to maintaining your privacy and believes that, as a subscriber to its high-speed Internet service, you are entitled to know Comcast’s information practices.” The policy then goes on to state “We will not read your outgoing or incoming e-mail, video mail, private chat, or instant messages, but we (or our third party providers) do store e-mail messages and video mail messages on computer systems for a period of time.”