Data Breaches Now Cost Companies An Average Of $3.8M

Data Breaches Now Cost Companies An Average Of $3.8M

The aftermath of a now all-too-common data breach can be frustrating for consumers: canceling credit cards, monitoring credit reports for irregularities, and working with banks to recoup unauthorized purchases. But the hacks can also be expensive for the targeted company, with the average cost now sitting at a 10-year high of $3.8 million. [More]

Report: AdultFriendFinder Hack Attack Exposes Info For Millions Of Dating Site’s Users

Report: AdultFriendFinder Hack Attack Exposes Info For Millions Of Dating Site’s Users is one of the largest online dating sites out there and now it’s suffered a hack attack that’s exposed a hefty portion of its 64 million members: According to a new report, the data of up to four million users of the hookup site has been exposed. [More]


Sally Beauty Confirms “Illegal Intrusion” Into Payment Card Systems At Some U.S. Stores

After announcing earlier this month that it was investigating possible security breaches in its credit card payments at some U.S. stores, Sally Beauty has confirmed that there’s evidence of a data breach, its second in a little more than two years. [More]

FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Talks Privacy, Data Security

FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Talks Privacy, Data Security

You may now be able to change your thermostat from another continent, your fridge might know when you need to buy more eggs, and your connected TV recommends shows and movies. But is your data being used for things other than keeping your house warm, your eggs in stock, and your kids entertained — and, just as importantly — is it secure? [More]

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New Visa Feature Uses Smartphone Location Tracker To Prevent Fraud By Knowing Where You Are At All Times

Forgetting to tell your bank that you’ll be traveling far outside of your normal spending zone can often lead to frustrations like having transactions rejected out of concern that your card is being used fraudulently. In an attempt to make the lives of frequent travelers easier – and prevent fraud – Visa plans to launch a new service this spring that automatically informs banks where you are. [More]

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FBI Now Investigating Possible Fraudulent Federal Tax Returns From TurboTax

Days after TurboTax resumed e-filing of all state tax returns following a third-party security expert’s finding that fraudulent activity reported by state tax officials did not result from a breach of Intuit’s own systems, federal regulators announced they would take a look for themselves. [More]


Banks Report Possible Data Breach At Chick-Fil-A Restaurants

2014 has been a year of point-of-sale data breaches, so why should the last day of the year be any different? Chick-Fil-A is the newest member of the Possible Breach Club, and is currently investigating reports of fraudulent transactions on customer credit cards. The reported breach would have started on December 2, 2013 and lasted until September 30, 2014. [More]

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Staples Confirms 1.16 Million Cards Breached In 115 Stores

Back in October, big-box office-supply retailer Staples announced that it was investigating a possible customer payment data breach. The results of that investigation are in: yes, the payment systems of some Staples stores were breached. [More]

In Wake Of Target Ruling, Will Retailers Scale Back Security So They Can Plead Ignorance?

In Wake Of Target Ruling, Will Retailers Scale Back Security So They Can Plead Ignorance?

Last week, a federal court in Minnesota gave the go-ahead to a lawsuit filed against Target by several banks trying to claim damages from the massive 2013 payment systems breach. Now, some worry that the court’s decision could lead retailers to go with simpler, perhaps less secure, systems rather than risk missing a red flag on a more complicated one. [More]

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Nationwide Data Breach Hits Clothing Retailer Bebe, Payment Card Info Stolen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when consumers nationwide can find out that their credit and debit card information has been lost to hackers right when they’re trying to get all of their holiday shopping done. This week’s unfortunate victims? Consumers of women’s clothing retailer Bebe, found in malls nationwide. [More]

Report: Payment Information Breaches At Staples And Michaels May Be Linked

Report: Payment Information Breaches At Staples And Michaels May Be Linked

It’s no longer surprising news when hackers infiltrate the systems of a brick-and-mortar retailer and run off with our credit card numbers. Shoppers have come to expect that kind of thing as a normal part of shopping. However, it’s interesting (and a bit scary) to note that two relatively small breaches at national chains could be linked. [More]


Report: Breach Of USPS’ Networks Compromises Personal Data Of 2.9M Customers, 750K Employees & Retirees

Let’s all pick our jaws up off the floor because, and I know you won’t believe this, yet another security breach has compromised the personal information of millions of people. The latest in what has become an unfortunate trail of hack attacks has hit the U.S. Postal Service computer system, officials say. [More]


Survey: The Crime Americans Worry About Most? Credit Card Hack Attacks

Times used to be, a person worried enough about pickpockets to keep personal belongings clutched as close as possible while walking through that dark alley, possibly filled with ruffians. But nowadays, the crime Americans worry about most is another kind of thievery, one you can’t protect yourself against by sticking to well-trafficked streets — namely, that of the credit-card hacking kind. [More]

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Staples Latest National Retailer Investigating Possible Data Breach

Office supply store Staples may be joining the likes of Dairy Queen, Jimmy Johns and Home Depot as the latest national retailer to be hit with a cyberattack. [More]


Will You Avoid Data-Breached Retailers This Holiday Season?

The massive 2013 holiday data breach of Target, which siphoned off the personal and payment information for more than 100 million shoppers, provided an eye-opening moment for consumers who had previously assumed that this sort of ID theft mostly happened when shopping online. The Target debacle was followed by attacks on big-name businesses like Home Depot, Dairy Queen, P.F. Chang’s, Jimmy John’s, Kmart, and the Albertsons/Jewel-Osco/ACME, Shaw’s chains of supermarketstwice. But will all these lapses in security actually drive shoppers elsewhere this holiday season? [More]


Kmart Announces Credit And Debit Card Breach That Began In September

Remember how this morning, we explained why it is inevitable that if you shop anywhere, your payment data or personal information will be part of a hack? On Friday evening, Kmart dropped the news that they have also been hacked, with malware installed in their in-store payment system. They have not yet announced how many customers have been affected. [More]

Do You Ever Shop Anywhere? Congratulations: Your Data Will Be Hacked


By the numbers alone, basically everyone in the country has been the victim of at least one data breach in the past year, if not more. 106 million Americans had their card data stolen from Target and Home Depot alone, to say nothing of the data breaches at Jimmy John’s, Dairy Queen, P.F. Chang’s, UPS, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s, Sally Beauty Supply, Goodwill, some Marriott hotels, Neiman Marcus, and Michael’s craft stores. And that isn’t even considering other breaches that were too small to make national headlines, or that simply haven’t been discovered yet. [More]

Chase Data Breach Hit 76M Households, 7M Businesses; Account Info Not Stolen

Chase Data Breach Hit 76M Households, 7M Businesses; Account Info Not Stolen

Remember that coordinated hack attack against JPMorgan Chase and other banks from August? Chase now says information — but apparently no payment data — on some 76 million households and 7 million small businesses was compromised. [More]