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Restaurant Staff Make Facebook Meme Calling Native Americans Bad Tippers, Get Fired

Posting a Facebook meme mocking your customers: bad. Stepping into the global war regarding the subject of tipping when you work in a restaurant: worse. What elevated the actions of some employees of barbecue chain Famous Dave’s to social media infamy was the overt racism in their Facebook post, which joked about terrible tips during the United Tribes International Pow Wow. [More]

Learn To Love Your Messed Up Toyota With This Parody

Learn To Love Your Messed Up Toyota With This Parody

Funny or Die wants to help Toyota out of this awkward situation it’s found itself in, so the site has posted a helpful video of a cheerfully steely spokeswoman who likes to point with both hands. It’s like she’s shooting good news in your face! Pow pow! And really, it’s true that you can have an awesome garage party without ever needing to take your Toyota on the road, so maybe you should stop being so pessimistic. Video below.


Dealership Video-Responds To Customer's Hidden Camera Expose

Dealership Video-Responds To Customer's Hidden Camera Expose

Mark Hampton has posted a video response to his dealership getting totally snagged by a customer who stashed a hidden camera in his vehicle and caught mechanics doing some dirty deeds.

Belkin Apologizes For Review Fraud, Sort Of

Belkin Apologizes For Review Fraud, Sort Of

  • We’re very sorry this happened;
  • We don’t condone unethical behavior
  • We’ll try to remove the fraudulent reviews;
  • Our business partners had no role in this fiasco.

The one thing that’s missing? The fate of ethically-challenged dimwit Bayard (edit – and anyone at Belkin like him), who the Daily Background has since caught posting his own fraudulent reviews for Belkin.

Dell Downgraded From "Evil" To "Bumbling"

Dell Downgraded From "Evil" To "Bumbling"

“They’ve been downgraded from evil to bumbling.” – Me in FORTUNE about Dell’s online thrusts that attempt to repair their image and listen to their customers more. What do you think? Do you feel any better about them than you did two years ago, or are do their customers still writhe in the eternal flames of “Dell Hell?” Would you add Dell to your Facebook?


Canadian telecommunications giant Bell Canada is pulling down over 50 ads placed around parts of Toronto and Vancouver, because they show a woman wearing a button that reads “Belsen was a gas,” the title of a Sex Pistols song and a reference to the Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. The button is one of many the model wears, and the company says it was impossible to read during approval and proofing, and only became legible when blown up to billboard-size proportions. [Reuters and Free Republic]