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We Are Unsure How To Feel Knowing That Pig’s Milk Cheese Exists

We Are Unsure How To Feel Knowing That Pig’s Milk Cheese Exists

While we consumers have grown accustomed to milk from animals besides cows being used to make cheese — like sheep’s milk cheese and goat cheese — there’s something a bit… different about pig’s milk cheese. Which is in fact, a thing. [More]

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Grocery Shoppers Ignore Stabbing Victim’s Blood, Just Want Their Milk

The grocery shoppers of Philadelphia are a determined bunch. Well, that, or they really want some cereal. Police say that after a stabbing at a Pathmark supermarket yesterday evening, customers weren’t really fazed. Mostly, they were annoyed that they couldn’t get to the dairy case. Unobservant shoppers walked and pushed their carts through the puddle of blood. [More]

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Everyone Is Really Into Eating Butter Right Now, Sending Prices Soaring

When it comes to fatty spreads, it seems butter’s popularity is climbing these days. But because the butter industry can’t keep up with the spike in demand, you could be facing higher prices at the store. [More]


Everyone Knows Why Milk Is In The Back Of The Grocery Store

It’s an extremely minor inconvenience when you need to pick up some milk and have to walk all the way to the back of the grocery store to get it? Everyone knows that it’s because stores want to make customers walk through the entire store so they’ll pick up some non-milk items. Why even post about this? [More]