Calphalon Recalls 2M Kitchen Knives Because Blades Shouldn’t Break Off And Cut You

There are safe ways and unsafe ways to use a knife in the kitchen. But no matter how you’re holding it, the blade shouldn’t ever pop out of the handle and cut your hand on its way. And yet, kitchen stalwart Calphalon is now recalling two million pieces of cutlery because of exactly that problem. [More]


Save Money On Band Aids And ER Visits By Sharpening Your Knives Regular sharpening also prolongs your knives’ usefulness, saving you money on replacements. [Consumer Reports Online]

Anti-Terror Cutlery To Foil Al Qaeda, Business-Class Diners

Anti-Terror Cutlery To Foil Al Qaeda, Business-Class Diners

A month back, we here at the Consumerist asked you — Joe and Jane America! — to dream up ways in which to mutilate someone on an airplane that the TSA hadn’t yet thought up. We wanted to help them out by supplying them with a list of other devices that they could obnoxiously confiscate from us.