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Above And Beyond: Office Depot CSR Saves The Day

Michael would have lost an incredible deal on laptop memory were it not for an Office Depot CSR. He was prepared to pay $139.99 for a 1GB stick of Kinston PC2700 RAM; when he added the RAM to his cart, the price plunged to $39.04. Michael verified the price with Office Depot and purchased nine sticks.

To my dismay, however, the store called me [the next] morning saying that they would not be honoring the price. I asked why she and she said “I cannot let that many go at that low of a price.” So I start politely arguing with her and insist that she honor the price, she settled on one and she would give me free shipping to my house. Well I figured I was getting hosed but at least I wouldn’t have to drive and get it.

Free shipping does not make up for the loss of an incredible deal. Michael called Office Depot, and to his delight, enjoyed “THE BEST CSR experience I have ever had!”