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Mike Mozart

AT&T Starting Customer Reward Program With Discounted Movie Tickets, “Tailored Offers”

There’s only so much room for a company as large as AT&T to grow its businesses. Pretty much everyone in the country has a cell phone already, so the only way to attract new customers there is to keep poaching customers from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Meanwhile, over in TV-land, DirecTV is huge but cord-cutters are legion. So what’s a giant corporation to do? Give customers presents, of course. [More]


Chameleon Theft Triggers Bad Karma After Customer Uses Loyalty Card To Buy Reptile Food

There is no way we could ever write about a chameleon without also mentioning karma because otherwise we’re sure Boy George would appear to chastise us for our oversight. And in the case of a pet store customer accused of stealing a Jackson’s Chameleon, karma really is a brat: Cops say he was caught after he swiped his loyalty card while buying food for the pilfered reptile. [More]


Apple Takes Back Wi-Fi-Sabotaging MacBook, Replaces It With Shiny New One

Micahel’s new Macbook had a very unusual flaw. Whenever it was connected to his home network, it would take out his modem. Unfortunately, it didn’t take the whole Apple Store’s network down, so he wasn’t able to replicate the problem for the Geniuses. After five trips and a variety of repairs, Apple finally gave up…and gave him a brand new MacBook. [More]

Ford Overtakes GM In Owner Loyalty

Ford Overtakes GM In Owner Loyalty

A cocktail of advertising, performance, customer service and social prominence leads to the elusive concept of brand loyalty. Judging from an R.L. Polk study of 5.2 million new vehicle-buying households, Ford has nailed the formula more effectively than its competitors recently, because the company has surpassed GM for the top spot it previously held. [More]

Why Won't Time Warner Fix The "Old, Overtaxed" Wiring In This Neighborhood?

Why Won't Time Warner Fix The "Old, Overtaxed" Wiring In This Neighborhood?

Alex from Rochester, NY, says every year around this time his Road Runner high speed access slows to a crawl, and stays that way until April. It occasionally happens at other times throughout the year, too. Unfortunately, Time Warner won’t fix the problem. Alex says one technician who came out to look at the issue told him, “The wires were installed when Adelphia provided service, and they haven’t been upgraded since.” Another one told him, “The problem has been going on for years, and management knows about it, but enough people don’t complain.” [More]

Survey Says 73% Of Shoppers Don't Care For Their Grocery Stores

Survey Says 73% Of Shoppers Don't Care For Their Grocery Stores

Earlier this month, IBM released some interesting findings about grocery shoppers from its new study “Why Advocacy Matters to Grocers,” including:

  • 73% of shoppers “feel either antagonistic towards or have no loyalty to their local supermarket”