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Liz Mochrie

More Ocho Rios Curry Powder Recalled For Possible Lead Contamination

A few months ago, some lead-contaminated turmeric turned up in a wide variety of retailers, and also in batches of curry powder from Oriental Packing Company sold under a variety of brands. Now the potentially contaminated turmeric has turned up in more curry powder, this batch all sold under the Ocho-Rios and Oriental brands. [More]

Liz Mochrie

5 Brands Of Curry Powder Recalled Because Of Lead-Contaminated Turmeric

Since turmeric is a key ingredient in curry powder, it was inevitable that the recall of some brands of turmeric for lead contamination would eventually lead to the recall of some curry powder. So far, one company whose powder is sold under five different brands has announced a recall. [More]