Redundant Currency Symbol Menace Spreads To Canada

We’re sorry, Canada. We share a dominant language and many aspects of our culture, but we didn’t mean to export the horror of redundant currency symbols. That’s the grammar abomination where someone uses both the symbol and word for a currency in the same sentence: for example, “$15 dollars.” After our rant on the subject earlier this week, reader Daniel pointed out its appearance in a current Pizza Hut promo in Canada. [More]

Please, Please Stop Using Currency Symbols And Words Together

Reading your letters to Consumerist, we get a sense of the global consumer zeitgeist. We have seen the number of complaints about different products rise and fall, and we’ve observed changes in how people talk about their finances, their possessions, and the stuff they buy. It’s from that perspective that we plead with consumers, marketers, and even news site editors all at once: you can use a currency word or a currency symbol, but stop using both together. [More]