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GM Testing Self-Driving Chevy Bolts In Arizona

It’s only been five months since General Motors announced it would acquire self-driving car startup Cruise Automation, but the new partnership is already working to expand its tests of autonomous Chevy Bolts from San Francisco to Arizona.  [More]

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General Motors Acquires Self-Driving Car Startup

Two months after General Motors unveiled a $500 million investment in Lyft, the mustachioed ride-hailing service, with the hopes of one day providing the masses with rides in a self-driving fleet, the carmaker has taken a step that might help it realize that goal: acquiring self-driving vehicle startup Cruise Automation.  [More]

Self-Driving Car Involved In Crash… After Driver Takes Control

Self-Driving Car Involved In Crash… After Driver Takes Control

Given Google’s recent confession that its self-driving cars would have been involved in 13 crashes if a human hadn’t intervened, you’d assume that having a real driver in an autonomous car could only help. Then you remember that millions of humans crash their vehicles every day, regardless of how intelligent that car is. [More]