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Craft Breweries Fighting Over Ever-Dwindling Supply Of Puns About Hops

If you enjoy wordplay and are able to come up with plentiful puns involving the words “Hops” or perhaps “Ale,” there may be a job for you in the craft beer industry. With thousands of small breweries trying to out-clever themselves with memorable product names, the inevitable has happened: the English-speaking world has run out of silly beer names. [More]

Is This The End-Times For The Craft Beer Bubble?

Is This The End-Times For The Craft Beer Bubble?

Twenty years ago, everyone had that one friend who always insisted that the funny-named beer (possibly with a cork) they brought to a party was soooooo much better than the Budweiser/Miller/Heinekin swill everyone else brought. “This Knucklechucker Belgian Quintuple Stout IPA will beat a Coors any day of the week,” that friend would declare. Some short-sighted folks laughed at the beer aficionado, but now it’s sometimes hard, if not impossible, to find a boring ol’ big-name beer at some bars where craft brews dominate the taps. But is this golden age of variety coming to an end? [More]