Scientists Want You To Do Everyone A Favor And Eat These Crabs

There’s a certain type of crab that’s eating up more desirable seafood off the New England coast. The crab’s population could be thinned if commercial fishing operations harvested the darn things, but there’s no money in it. The solution? Figure out a way to make people want these crabs on their dinner plates. [More]

These are also crabs. (tjean314)

Shipment Of Live Crabs Desperate For Freedom Delays US Airways Flight

While you’re sitting there wondering if you can just fly this goshdarn plane itself, there could be some very interesting reasons for your flight to be delayed. Sure, there are crew issues and mechanical problems, but there’s also the very real threat from live seafood seeking to escape their confines in a plane’s cargo hold. [More]

(Ryan vs Hell Track)

Endangered Species: Popularity Of Bikini Waxing Is Literally Destroying Pubic Lice Habitats

Whether you know’em as crabs, pubic lice or just “eww,” it sounds like the little pests are on their way out after thousands of years afflicting the human race. So what do we have to thank for this cessation? A scientific breakthrough, or perhaps a medical miracle? Far from it — instead, the practice of applying hot wax to our bodies and getting it ripped off is possibly what’s helping us rid the world of crabs. Yep, we’re talking about bikini waxing.


Catherine Zeta Crab Walk

Not just her train tunnel gaze or air of casual refinement, but Catherine Zeta Jones has certain je ne sais quois captivating us towards her ouevre, most recently her dramatic turn as spokesmodel for T-Mobile.