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FDA Issues Sweeping New Calorie Requirements For Everything From Vending Machines To Chain Restaurants

If new requirements from the Food and Drug Administration end up sticking, you could be seeing calorie counts for most things you eat outside the home — from vending machines to chain restaurants, movie theater popcorn to pre-made sandwiches at the grocery store. [More]

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Mississippi Lawmakers Pushing “Anti-Bloomberg” Bill That Prohibits Calorie Count Laws

Lawmakers over in Mississippi are probably not going to be best friends forever with New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg any time soon, considering they’re pushing a bill that’s the opposite of what Bloomberg is trying to do in his city. No matching bracelets for these two camps. [More]


FDA Says Writing Menu Labeling Regulations That Please Everyone Is A Tough Task

If you’re hankering for a calorie count on your local restaurant chain’s menus, it’s going to be awhile: the Food and Drug Administration says it’s finding the task of writing up menu labeling regulations a very tricky one. The requirement to include calorie counts on menus and in vending machines is part of the 2010 health care law, but the rules on which businesses must comply have yet to be written. [More]

How To Drink At Starbucks Without Getting Fat

How To Drink At Starbucks Without Getting Fat

Twenty years ago, the idea that someone would get a good chunk of their daily calories from a coffee-based beverage would have seemed odd. But these days, a lot of people get not just their caffeine fix — but also their sugar and whipped cream fixes — from high-calorie beverages at Starbucks. [More]