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Heath Alseike

Did Buying Mile High Stadium Naming Rights Doom Sports Authority?

Buying the naming rights for its hometown NFL team’s stadium put Sports Authority’s name in front of millions of football fans, but it also may have ultimately doomed the company. [More]


Target Ends Sponsorship Of IndyCar Team, Keeps NASCAR Team Deal For Now

Discount chain Target has sponsored an IndyCar team for 27 years, one of the longest-running such sponsorships in all of sports. While it’s weird to see drivers with literal bullseyes on their backs, the partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing has led to lots of publicity and lots of wins. However, Target announced that it will end at the end of this season. [More]

Heath Alseike

Bankruptcy Court Agrees To Let Sports Authority Out Of One Of Its Team Sponsorships

A sporting goods retailer that’s going out of business doesn’t need to plaster its name on billboards at sporting events, and that’s why Sports Authority would prefer to end its sponsorship contracts with various teams and to sell the naming rights to the arena where the Denver Broncos play. Most of those disputes over sponsorship contracts remain unresolved, but the former retailer and the reigning Super Bowl champions have come to an agreement over the sponsorship of the Broncos. [More]

Hammerin Man

No, The National Park Service Isn’t Going To Give Away Park Naming Rights To Corporate Sponsors

Recently, the National Park Service announced a proposed donor recognition program that would allow individuals and companies to have their names displayed on things like programs, benches, and other interior spaces at parks as a way to raise much-needed funds. In case that news made folks fear a future that includes The Pepsi Grand Canyon, the agency is taking steps to clarify exactly what the program would entail. [More]