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(Ryan McFarland)

Federal Judge: Yes, Man On No-Fly List Can Sue Government

A federal judge yesterday allowed a Virginia man’s challenge to his placement on the mysterious no-fly list to go forward. [More]


Judge: Yellow Pages Will Continue To Be Chucked At Your Door & Subsequently Thrown Away Because Of 1st Amendment

You hear the “kerthunk!” at your door and you know the dinosaur has landed. And by dinosaur of course we mean the Yellow Pages and by landed we mean the ginormous book you likely no longer need because of a thing called the Internet has been chucked onto your property. It seems they won’t stop kerthunking, either, as a judge says it’s totally constitutional for the directory’s publishers to keep bombarding consumers with the obsolete books. [More]

"Public" Intern Pickets Sprint Store For Reader

"Public" Intern Pickets Sprint Store For Reader

An intern over at The Stranger (we love The Stranger) has been picketing a Sprint store for a reader who wrote in complaining that he had not received his $30 rebate.