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Why Does It Matter If Your Train Operator Has A Snoring Problem?

For most people, snoring is a minor annoyance — and usually for the loved one of the snorer. But if that snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, it could be a health issue that leaves you working through the day without a full night’s rest. That’s particularly problematic if your job involves controlling a massive train carrying hundreds of people at high speeds.


Report: Cord Found Wrapped Around Accelerator Of Runaway Boston Train

We knew it: the Boston commuter train that left the station with a driver yesterday didn’t suddenly become self-aware and decide to drive off all on its own. Instead, investigators reportedly found a cord wrapped around the train’s accelerator. [More]

(Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism)

Driverless Boston Commuter Train Carrying 50 Makes It Through 4 Stops Before Humans Catch On, Stop It

UPDATE: Governor Charlie Baker says there’s evidence someone with train smarts tampered with the system. [More]