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Why Won’t Old Navy Exchange My Jeans That Won’t Fit?

If you go shopping on Black Friday at a clothing store, you should take the time to brave the fitting rooms, no matter how long the lines are. Nick learned this the hard way, buying three pairs of jeans for $15 each. He made it out of the store unscathed, but when he got home, found that the jeans didn’t fit. Boo. Oh, well, he can just take them back to the store and swap them for the correct size, right? Not so fast! [More]

Let This Web Site Play Shirt Matchmaker For You

Let This Web Site Play Shirt Matchmaker For You

Everyone has that one shirt: a shirt so wonderful, you would happily buy a dozen more like it. Maybe–just maybe–a world like that will be possible someday soon, thanks to the Shirt Fit Finder. This site compares the sizing of different brands of shirts, and finding something similar for you to buy. The bad news? Their selection of brands and sizes is terribly limited. The worse news? It only works for men’s shirts. Ah, well. Someday. [More]