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Uber Driver Claims Dog Urinated In Car, Sends Pictures Of Different Car

It’s not news that someone did something inappropriate in a hired car: that, unfortunately, has been happening for as long as taxis have existed. No, but one woman in Chicago disputed Uber’s claim that her dog relieved himself on the floor of an UberX vehicle and that she owed $200. [More]

What To Do When Mercury Hits The Floor

If you break a thermometer or compact fluorescent light bulb, you’re suddenly dealing with a contamination hazard. Cleanup requires more care than simply sweeping it up and throwing it away, and you need to be thorough in order to avoid being poisoned. [More]

Closed For 90 Years, Factory Continues To

Closed For 90 Years, Factory Continues To Contaminate

Back in the good ol days of the early 1900’s, workers at the Hutchinson KS soda ash plant just dumped waste alkaline on the factory’s perimeter, creating piles that stretched for acres. Now closed for 90 years, runoff from the piles is creating an underground chloride plume that is contaminating the groundwater, and a confusion of owners and regulations has stymied clean up efforts. [More]