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Josh Bassett

Chipotle Testing Chorizo Protein Option On Menus In Kansas City

Although Chipotle just released a new menu item last fall in the form of its vegan tofu sofritas protein offering, it seems the chain is considering debuting another new option — chorizo. The chain is currently testing the ground chicken and pork sausage in all of its 33 Kansas City, MO locations starting today. [More]

(Martin Rottler)

Chipotle: Chipotle Is Only Chipotle If It’s Sold By Chipotle

Check out that smoked hot chili pepper in your hand. Is it a chipotle or a Chipotle pepper? If you want to sell it to someone else as a flavor or otherwise, it darn well better be a chipotle, or Chipotle Mexican Grill will bring the legal hurt. The burrito chain recently settled a lawsuit with Jack in the Box for marketing a “Chipotle Chicken Club Combo” — complete with a “Chipotload of flavor — even though the sandwich was a limited-time deal and isn’t available anymore. [More]