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Mateus André

5 Potentially Harmful Chemicals Now Banned From Kids’ Products

Almost a decade after the Consumer Product Safety Commission was ordered to study the potential health affects of phthalates — chemicals often used in plastic products for children — and make recommendations on what further steps should be taken, the agency has voted to approve a final rule that prohibits manufacturers from selling items that have more than a minimal level of five of these chemicals. [More]

Federal & State Agencies Probing High Lead Levels In Cra-Z-Art Jewelry Kits

Federal & State Agencies Probing High Lead Levels In Cra-Z-Art Jewelry Kits

Under federal law, the acceptable level of lead that can be present in a product is capped at 100 parts per million. A recent investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office found 10 times that level of lead in certain children’s jewelry toys sold by national retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, and now federal regulators have opened a probe into the crafts.  [More]

A Tulsa mother says her four-year-old son received a Nazi-themed ring from a vending machine at a local dollar store.

Parents Of Four-Year-Old Say Son Got A Nazi-Themed Ring In Toy Vending Machine

You just never know what might pop out of the small plastic bubble toy vending machines found at the front of many stores and restaurants. You could get a cute colorful dinosaur or a Nazi-themed plastic ring. The latter was reportedly the prize for a four-year-old at a Tulsa Family Dollar store earlier this week. [More]