Charging Stations


Tesla Talking To Sheetz About Adding Charging Stations For Electronic Vehicles At Gas Stations

In an effort to convince drivers that long road trips are possible with an electric vehicle, Tesla Motors is discussing expanding its network of charging stations with the help of gas station/convenience store chain Sheetz. [More]


Scarcity Of Public Charging Stations In California Is Turning Electric Vehicle Owners Against Each Other

Electric cars are pretty popular in California right now, but there’s one major problem facing all those owners — there aren’t enough charging stations for all those new vehicles hitting the streets. This has led to some bad behavior at the plug, so to speak. [More]


IKEA Making Furniture With Built-In Charging Stations

Rummaging through drawers to find the right power cord for your smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices can be a frustrating task. Soon, though, you might be able to juice up your device simply by placing it on the IKEA bookshelf, desk or nightstand littering your home. [More]