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Carnival Put Non-Fliers On Stranded Dream On A Competitor’s Cruise Back To Florida

You may remember the Carnival Dream, which had a backup generator malfunction while docked at St. Maarten and could have become another Poop Cruise nightmare. Passengers had already started to contact media outlets with harrowing accounts of overflowing toilets and being confined to the ship. Carnival quickly canceled the cruise and put passengers on a plane back to Florida. But what about passengers who couldn’t get on a plane, due to phobias or medical conditions? We recently learned that Carnival worked with competitor Norwegian and put surface-bound passengers in empty staterooms on a three-day cruise that happened to be traveling from St. Maarten to Miami. [More]

Here we go, again.

Another Carnival Cruise Ship Is In Trouble And Guess What? Toilets Are Overflowing

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. Perhaps Carnival learned its lesson from Triumph, because the cruise line is reportedly going to fly passengers of the Dream home from the Caribbean after the ship suffered a generator failure. [More]