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Travel Starts Returning To Normal After Hurricane Irma — With A Few Hiccups

Now that Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a tropical depression on its way north, travel operations in the southeast are starting to get people back in the skies and on the seas — though a few snarls remain. [More]

Anthony Miglioranzi

Jet Skiers Snatched From Path Of Carnival Cruise Ship At The Last Second

While there might seem to be plenty of room for everyone out on the open ocean, a marine traffic incident almost led to a group of jet skiers getting run over by a Carnival Cruise Line ship in a Florida harbor. [More]

Princess Cruise Line

Cruise Line To Pay Record $40M For Deliberately Dumping Oil Into Ocean

Purposefully dumping large quantities of oil into the ocean is not okay. Trying to cover up those actions is also frowned upon. Yet, it appears that some employees of Princess Cruise Lines did just that, and now the subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Lines must pay the largest-ever criminal penalty for intentionally polluting the ocean: $40 million.  [More]

Adam Fagen

Carnival Cruise Line Hiking Automatic Gratuity Charge By Almost $1

If you’re heading out on the high seas with a Carnival cruise starting next fall, expect to see a heftier automatic gratuity charge on your bill than in journeys past. [More]

Carnival Gets The Official Go-Ahead For Cruises From Miami To Cuba

Carnival Gets The Official Go-Ahead For Cruises From Miami To Cuba

After scoring its license last July, Carnival Cruise Line says it’s gotten official approval for cruises from the United States to Cuba starting in May. [More]