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Citi Testing Screenless, Cardless ATMs

Citi Testing Screenless, Cardless ATMs

The next generation of ATM may be nothing more than a slot in the wall that spits out money. No screen, no swiping your card, no having to pull your sleeve down over your fingers because the person in front of you sneezed all over the buttons. [More]

(Todd Kravos)

Is A “Cardless” ATM Any Better Or Faster Than What We’re Used To?

The idea sounds kind of neat — you go into an app on your smartphone, pre-order the amount of cash you’ll want to pick up from the ATM at a later point, then it’s waiting for you when you arrive. So-called cardless ATMs are being tested and some are touting the technology as the future of banking, but is it really that much of an improvement over the current system? [More]