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(Koka Sexton)

SiriusXM Charges Customer $2,085 For $25 Subscription, Shrugs

If you’ve bought a vehicle with SiriusXM satellite radio in recent years, you know how this deal was supposed to work: a customer who bought a new van had three months of the service for free to try it out, then the company offered her a 5-month trial subscription at $5 per month. Only something went terribly wrong, and SiriusXM charged her the seemingly random amount of $417. Five times. [More]

(Michelle Rick)

Stanton Optical Makes Blurry Glasses For Undercover TV Producer, Blames Doctor

Ace consumer reporter Kurtis Ming in Sacramento, California has received a lot of complaints from readers about glasses from Stanton Optical, a growing national chain. Customers reported blurry lenses that caused poor vision and pain. One customer said that looking through them was like “looking through a glass of water.” Another claims that they’ve had Stanton remake their glasses fourteen times, and they’re still blurry. So what did the consumer advocates of CBS Sacramento do? They got eye exams and took their eyeballs undercover. [More]