Michael Holden

Yeah, Black Friday Deals Are Pretty Much The Same Every Year

People usually don’t save their Black Friday circulars from year to year, because that would be really weird. Here’s the thing, though: the deals on the shopping holiday aren’t that great to begin with, and they also repeat from year to year. [More]


U.S. Retail Spending Growth Slows Down: Americans Possibly Have Enough Stuff

While our economy is supposedly expanding and consumers have more money in our pockets thanks to lower gas prices, new data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that that we’re not spending that money in retail stores, online or in real life. If we’re not out hitting the malls, where’s all that money going? [More]

Even Though Incomes Are Up, Americans Aren't Ready To Spend More

Even Though Incomes Are Up, Americans Aren't Ready To Spend More

Although there are signs of hope for the economy as American incomes were up by the most they have been in nine months, the fact that we’re also keeping our spending exactly the same isn’t so great.


Amazon Offers To Connect With Your Facebook Account

Amazon Offers To Connect With Your Facebook Account

Remember Beacon? This is not Beacon, Amazon wants you to know. The retailer has launched a new program where you can connect your Amazon account to your Facebook account, but it promises it won’t broadcast your purchases or bug your friends. Instead, the connection seems designed to funnel all the likes and favorites on your Facebook account (and those of your friends as well) into Amazon’s giant brain, so it can refine its shopping recommendations. Oh, and it will remind you of upcoming birthdays.