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Charges Re-Filed Against Restaurant Owners Accused Of Dumpster-Diving For Deer Heads

Preventing food waste is good, but not to the point of dumpster-diving for deer brains at a wild game butcher. The former owners of a Chinese restaurant in Pennsylvania are accused of dealing in illegal deer meat, at least some of which came from the trash at butchers that process deer for hunters. [More]

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Consumers Want To Eat More Local Beef, But There Aren’t Enough Butchers These Days

Does the idea of a hard day at work cutting up cattle carcasses appeal to you? If not, you’re not alone: Despite the growing trend toward eating more local beef, there simply aren’t enough people going into the profession of butchering to meet the increased demand. [More]

Don’t Buy Pre-Marinated Meats

To this end, we’ve uploaded a series of instructional videos produced by the “Ontario Pork Producers Marketing Board” on “value-added cutting.”

Store-bought Meats Dosed to Look Red

Store-bought Meats Dosed to Look Red

The newer the redder, brown is an elderly hue, which of these steaks looks fresher to you?